Metal-Pla Sheet also know as Steel Paper , rubber steel or Metalic rubber. Light and magnetic receptive, this metal sheet is designed for holding all magnets and magnet sheets. Use it anywhere for your magnetic applications!



Item Code Description Thickness Width Length Lbs/unit
0601-015x24x100F Plain 15 mill 24" 100\' 60
0603-015x15x39.5x50F White matte surface 15 mill 39.5" 50\' 50.2
0603-015x24x100F-WM White matte surface 15 mill 24" 100\' 60
0604-015x24x50F With self-adhesive 15 mill 39.5" 50\' 30


Item Code Description Thickness Width Length
0601-015x24x100F Plain 0.38mm 610mm 30.5M
0603-015x15x39.5x50F White matte surface 0.38mm 1003mm 15.24M
0603-015x24x100F-WM White matte surface 0.38mm 610mm 30.5M
0604-015x24x50F With self-adhesive 0.38mm 1003mm 15.24M



  • Economical to use 
  • Easily cut and printable
  • Available self-adhesive backing for installation
  • Flexible and rolls easily for storage
  • Choose from dry-erase, uncoated, or vinyl-laminated surfaces
  • No sharp edges


  • Art & Crafts
  • Black / White board
  • Game board..And many more

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