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What Are Printable Magnet Sheets?

JASDI's printable magnet sheets are permanent flexible magnet sheeting laminated with vinyl or paper. Printable magnet sheets, also called printable magnet paper are very good media to disseminate messages. You can stick our printable magnet sheets on any metal surface.

White Magnet Sheet Applications

Our printable white magnet sheets are usually applied for living stuff, such as advertising signals, car signage, craft magnets, photo frames, business cards, refrigerator posts, decorative sticks. It's easy to stick, remove, and stick again. You may like to use Post-it as a reminder, and even better you can try more durable magnet Post-it, magnet sheets, which can be printed like paper.

Standard/Custom Printable Magnet Sheet Supplier

JASDI's white magnet sheets support a full magnet printing solution for you, including, screen printing, wide-format printable sheets, offset Printing, Desktop, Pre kiss-cut papers. Details are shown below.

We offer all of our printable magnet sheets with standard and custom sizes in order to meet customer's specific process requirements. If you need magnets like flexible magnets, welcome to contact JASDI permanent magnet supplier for further information!

General Application of Printable Magnet Sheets

Color Magnet Sheets

Colorful papers appeal to people. With kinds of background color, our customer usually take it as fridge Magnets, or promotion signals, words from the car(sign), craft magnet, and so on.

Solvent Ink Jet Printable Magnet Sheets

Sheets with white uncoated vinyl laminate make you the great use of creating your own postcards. Because it's compatible with solvent inkjet printers, you can do works at home anytime, or create some private magnets. Just like printing pictures at home, now you can produce your own appealing posts beside your bed.

Inkjet Magnet Sheets

Don't have a solvent ink jet printer? We're proud to show you the magic papers here. Print anything on the magnet paper by your desktop inkjet printer. It's that easy you can have your notes sticked on your metal cabinets. Next time, you don't need to burn your head to find a magnet to stick your daily schedule on refrigerator. Just make your notes magnetical at first, and enjoy the following convenience.

What's more? calendars, menus, labels, photo frames, greeting cards, educational tools, etc. It's all decided by your imagination.

Off-set Printable Magnet Sheets

Calendars -Schedules -Business card -Refrigerator decorations -Indoor signs -Educational tools -Labels -Home/office/school accessories -Full-color pictures

Kiss-Cut Color Magnet Sheets

The best timesaving solution for your business promotion.

Kiss-Cut inkjet Magnets Sheets

Create your won magnet business cards and postcards