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People sometimes call Flexible Magnets as rubber magnets which made of ferrite powders and polymer. This type of magnet has the best flexibility characteristics of any permanent magnetic materials. It can be easily folded and twisted without damag the magnetic property of the magnet. It also has excellent machanibility and can be easily drilled, punched, cut with scissor and cutter knife.

JASDI Magnet produce high quality flexible magnets based on more than 20 years of manufacturing experiences. We offer two grades of flexible magnets : Isotropic, and Anisotropic. While Anisotropic is stronger and more costly, Isotropic flexible magnetic sheeting is extensively used in various industries.

Flexible magnets are extensively applied in advertising, craft magnets, sign, vehicle signs, promotion, decorative stuff, display, school educational aid, toy, motor, industrials etc.
It's available for adhesive backing or colored vinyl facing, inkjet photo paper facing to do screen printing, wide format inkjet printing and off-set printing. You can have Jasdi's magnets in rolls, sheets and can be die cut into custom shape.

All products meet requirements of EN71-3, RoHS and Phathates.
We firmly believe Jasdi Magnet is your best flexible magnets supplier.