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JASDI's magnetic adhesive tape is not a medium for magnetic recordings such as audio, video applications, though we can storage something either in different ways. As you can see below, our sticky magnetic tapes are more like correction tapes, easy-to-use magnets. You can stick it anywhere you want to remind you something or to keep other metal things in a certain place.

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JASDI magnetic adhesive tape manufacturer could create a magic application on any material. Sticky magnetic tapes are extruded strip flexible magnets with adhesive or slit adhesive flexible magnets in roll form, including adhesive side and magnetic side provides an alternative material for holding, signage, assembly, and fastening applications, just paste it on anything you like. JASDI magnetic adhesive tape supplier offers standard and custom magnetic tapes to meet specific processing requirements including extruded strip and slit roll and is available with a variety of adhesive including with release liner and without release liner for different requirements. Sticky magnetic tape is extensively used for fastening devices, assembly devices, crafts, advertising specialties, hobbies, nameplates, and any magnet receptive surface.
As a leading magnetic adhesive tape supplier, JASDI offers flexible magnetic tapes in required thickness, width, adhesive, attractive strength, magnetization, packing, etc at competitive prices and attentive customer service.

Following are our sticky magnetic tapes. If you can't get something you want, please contact us for our special custom tapes service.