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Jasdi Magnet CO., LTD is one of the best permanent magnet suppliers in Taiwan, specializing in developing and manufacturing permanent magnetic materials since 1979. After decades of expansion, we have grown to be one of the important permanent magnet suppliers in Taiwan. We offer different shapes and a full range of sizes magnet products including permanent magnets, magnetic adhesive tape roll, etc. With extensive experience in the magnetic industry and quality management, Jasdi is willing to innovate new products according to different requirements.

Magnetic products are widely used in different fields, specifically for stationery, educational, toy, craft, gift, promotion, electrical, electronic, electro-acoustic, vehicle, communications, sensors, precision instruments, meters, equipment, hardware, furniture, medical and other industries, providing professional technical services and related custom rubber magnets. Therefore, the application of magnetic products can be seen everywhere. It is believed that the advancement of magnetic technology will bring more benefits and convenience to human society in the future, and magnetic receptive material might be a trend in recent years.

Jasdi permanent magnet suppliers have passed the evaluation of ISO9001 International Quality System Certification. Our company strictly follows the manufacture according to ISO9001: 2015 standards. Jasdi takes "Efficiency, Quality Products, Top Service" as managing mission, and our products are sold across 5 continents, with branch offices worldwide in order to serve our customers efficiently and always receive good feedback.

Jasdi permanent magnet company cooperates with extensive friends from all over the world by the high-grade quality and service for the goal of long-term joint development. If you have any demand for magnetic products, we might be your best choice for flexible magnets!

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