Common Use of Permanent Magnets

The lead-free permanent magnet is composed of ferrite powder and synthetic plastic. They usually have a temperature tolerance of up to 100 degrees Celsius. In fact, permanent magnets are also usually used to produce a magnetic sheet, which looks thin but possesses features of magnets. Course, you can find both of them in JASDI.

We offer grades of flexible permanent magnets to make magnetic sheets. For example, while anisotropic magnet sheeting is stronger and more costly, isotropic magnet sheeting is widely used in various industries. Customers can choose what they need or inquire about custom ones. Welcome to click the following sections to learn more!

An-Isotropic Magnetic Sheeting
JM-N818 An-Isotropic flexible magnet are...
Isotropic Flexible Magnetic sheeting
The flexible permanent magnetic sheeting...