Automobile and Car Advertising Magnet Application

Flexible car advertising magnets have opened the door to a whole new form of changeable or rotatable advertising; using side panels on private vehicles and taxies, as well as company cars and vans. Businesses can advertise their latest promotions without having to invest in permanent auto panel painting.

Car Magnet Advertising -- Quick Attach and Fast Removal

Promotional car magnetic signs can be easily attached to taxis and delivery vehicles, and then simply removed or replaced when a new sign or message is desired. You can even attach a company’s logo to company cars for use during the work-week, and then easily remove them on the weekend for private use.

Wide Surface Area Gives Strong, Evenly Distributed Attachment

Flexible magnet material is extremely versatile, so can conform to the contour of the car’s panels. Compared to neodymium or other “hard” magnets, flexible magnets do not have the strength per surface area, but because the attractive force is maintained throughout the entire surface of the magnetic material, this large contact area will generate a considerable attractive force, enough to securely hold magnetic signs to the side of a car or van traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph!

Commercial and Advertisement Displays

For cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants, commercial displays can be easily attached to the sides of counters and café equipment and taken down or changed as needed. Flexible magnets and magnetic sheets and tapes can be laminated with any design to be used in many creative ways.

At exhibitions and events, displays, notices, and advertising can be easily posted and quickly removed after the event.

In stores and supermarkets, flexible magnets make excellent price tag holders, product nameplates, and product information charts. In company warehouses and business stockrooms, location labeling is easy to manage and change with flexible magnetic labels.

Automatic Guidance Vehicle (AGV,)

One unique application flexible magnet tape is being used for is for the automatic guiding of trolleys in warehouse management systems. Magnetic lines on the ground lead the automatic guidance service vehicle for automated storage and retrieval of company inventory.

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