Household Magnets and Industrial Magnets Application

Flexible magnets can be made with varying strengths, sizes, laminations, and magnetic configurations to suit a vast range of applications. Their flexibility and machinability permit them to be processed with automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials. Household magnets and industrial magnets can be made into small items like children’s toys, games, and puzzles pieces, and can also be used for heavier applications such as refrigerator and shower door seals.

Flat Sheets for Children’s Toys, Games, and Puzzles Pieces

Flexible magnetic material is available in pre-cut sheets that are easy to work with. These sheets can be cut, die-cut, or Kiss-Cut to virtually any size or shape. Due to their incredible durability, flexible magnets are great for children’s toys because they can be bent, twisted, folded, and cut with no loss to the magnetic property of the material.

A range of standard and custom thicknesses, colors, adhesives, and magnetic configurations are also available. They can be magnetized with multi-poles on one side, single poles on both sides, two poles or multi-poles on both sides, matching poles on corresponding pieces, and can be made with various choices of pole spacing (pitch) through the material’s thickness.

One of the unique features of flexible magnetic material is that the material can be magnetized in such a way that two identical strips will have mating polarities so that when they attract each other, they will line up and meet exactly. For example, the NSN area of one strip will match exactly with the SNS area of the adjacent strip for perfect alignment.

High Energy Industrial Magnets for Refrigerator and Shower Doors

For general purpose applications, the polarity of the magnet material is usually not important. Also, the strength of the magnet only needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of the flexible magnet to the surface it is attached to. For these reasons, most flexible magnets are low-cost, isotropic magnets, meaning the direction of magnetization is random. However flexible magnets can also be made with the magnetization in a predetermined direction. This type of magnet material is called anisotropic and has a much stronger adhesive force than isotropic.

Anisotropic flexible magnets are used in the door seals of almost every refrigerator. Because of their greater attractive force, they are often used for shower curtains, window seals, hanging tools and utility racks, and virtual walls. The cross section of a flexible anisotropic magnetic can be extruded in a form that allows it to match with a mating fixture for a secure fit.

Magnetic Tapes for Virtual Wall

Magnetic tape is also used to create a “virtual wall” by emitting a magnetic field which a robot vacuum cleaner can sense. Placing magnetic strips on the floor is an ingenious way of marking off boundaries for your vacuum cleaner, restricting the areas where the cleaner can enter.

Refrigerator Magnets
There are millions of refrigerators that can...