Flexible Officeworks Magnet Application

There is no limit to the variety of artistic stationery, office products, and displays you can create with flexible magnets. Flexible officeworks magnets and color magnetic sheets are great for printing business cards, postcards, stick-on decorations, labels, wall decorations, calendars, magnetic bookmarks, promotional novelty items, and packaging.

With Magnetic Photo Paper you can use an inkjet printer, off-set printer, or silk-screening to create custom printed, magnetic, stick-on displays.

Original Artistic Designing

Flexible magnetic material is available with many styles of colored vinyl facings or adhesive backings. Sheets and can be die-cut into custom shapes and sizes for mass production of decorative and promotional materials, or easily cut into individual shapes with scissors or a knife. Extruded flexible magnetic strips are a very economical alternative to ceramic magnets because they can be tailor cut to suit users’ applications.

Custom Displays Using Printable Magnetic Paper

Magnetic paper for printing is made of permanent, flexible, magnetic sheeting laminated with vinyl or paper. Printable magnetic sheets, also called printable magnet paper, can be printed on like paper and used for printing cards, decorations, signs, labels and more.

Magnetic paper is lightweight, durable and high performance, so can be printed on with various designs and then pre-kiss-cut to desired shapes. Magnetic paper is available in matte or gloss photo paper for high-quality displays.

Color Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic sheets for printing can be laminated with colored vinyl or paper. These printable color magnetic sheets provide a decorative color background, making them an excellent media for creative displays. These sheets can also be written on using permanent markers or erasable whiteboard markers.

Magnetic Tape Turns Any Stationary Material into a Magnetic Display

Magnetic tape has an adhesive on one side. The magnetic strip can be attached to any stationary material, allowing stationary sheets to be used for magnetic displays and signs. Magnetic tapes are extruded in roll form, so can be sliced into strips as wide or thin as desired.

Receptive Material Backing for Magnetic Displays

If you do not have a background that magnets can stick to, you can apply magnetic receptive material to any surface, creating a backing for flexible magnets to adhere to. Magnetic receptive material, also known as steel paper, rubber steel, or metallic rubber, is made of iron powders mixed with a rubber polymer. The material is not magnetic but allows other magnets to stick to it, making it the perfect solution for creating flexible magnet displays.

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