Inkjet Magnetic Paper
Specification & Packaging

Inkjet magnetic sheets MM-07A1 & MM-07A2 are not suitable for printing by the copier. In order to keep the high quality of print on the surface, sunshine directly on magnetic inkjet papers should be avoided. And, don't keep Inkjet magnetic sheets for too long time without printing, right after the bag has been unsealed/opened. Be aware of the scissors, and ensure safety while cutting Inkjet magnetic sheets.

Item CodeSurfaceThicknessA4 size PackagingFeature
07A125B Matte 0.25mm 5 sheets/bag, 20 bags/case, 3cases/carton Matte paper
07A125S 60 sheets/case, 5cases/carton
07A225B Gloss 0.25mm 5 sheets/bag, 20 bags/case, 3cases/carton Gloss paper w/Photo paper quality
07A225S 60 sheets/case, 5cases/carton

Please be sure that the edge of inkjet magnetic sheet is flat not folded while a feeding into the printer.